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Secret 4 of 21:
The Two Most Common Resume Mistakes

The two most common mistakes professionals make when preparing their resumes are:

  • Writing their resumes based on what they are proud of, and
  • ​Crafting their resumes format in a non-ATS-compliant way

To avoid these mistakes, you must do two things: first, focus on including what hiring managers and recruiters want to read, and second, ensure your format allows every ATS software to read your resume content both fully and accurately.

Now we will share what you must know to create an ATS-compliant resume and land more interviews. We have divided this section of our guide into four main mini-chapters. Each addresses a specific area and is designed to help you better understand what you must be aware of to prepare your perfect resume:

  • The Presentation
  • ​The Write-up
  • ​The Sections and Content
  • ​ATS Match Rate

The Presentation

Don't blame the ATS;
your resume is making you invisible.

First Stop

Your resume embarks on a journey before landing in the hands of a recruiter or hiring manager, with its first stop often being an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS software, widely utilized by corporations and recruitment agencies, plays a pivotal role in sorting, organizing, and filtering applicants' resumes.

When you submit a resume, the ATS endeavors to interpret its contents. However, its efficiency is bounded by its programming, allowing it to manage only specific data inputs and scenarios within your resume. Thus, having insights into the ATS’s operational mechanics becomes essential to optimize your resume effectively.

It's crucial for professionals and job seekers to grasp that the myriad of ATS software products available are not flawless. They aim to process your resume accurately, but their success hinges on whether your content adheres to certain predefined and predictable rules.

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